We have over 47 years of experience in manufacturing cold roll forming machines. Since 1972, we have continuously developed and refined our production technology to adapt to the ever-changing production demands. We are capable of handling various materials and complex cross-sections, along with scalable capabilities.

Our Advantages

Exceptional Production Efficiency and Quality

As a local industry leader, we guarantee superior production speed and product quality to maintain competitiveness in the market. The Yunsing team possesses expert technical skills and utilizes the most advanced 3D graphic software to enhance the performance and efficiency of our automatic cold roll forming machines. Our goal is to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and extend the lifecycle to the satisfaction of our premium clients.

Swift Customer Service and Technical Support

We promise to respond to technical support queries within 24 hours, not just through email and phone calls, but also offering real-time online support via WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Facetime, Zoom, and more. Additionally, we are always ready to dispatch our engineers for equipment commissioning, operator training, and any urgent troubleshooting needs.

Brand Reputation and User Reviews

One third of the cold roll forming machines in Taiwan come from Yunsing. We care deeply about customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Creating exceptional customer satisfaction has always been our business philosophy.

Flexible Customization Capabilities

Yunsing does not just offer machinery; we focus on supporting clients to customize new profiles and realize innovative solutions. Our machines are tailored to meet specific requirements, including corrugated roof roll forming machines, roof curving machines, steel stepped tile roll forming machines, steel panel roll forming machines with flying shear devices, rolling door roll forming machines, and stud and track roll forming machines. They have been widely applied in over 60 countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Central and South America, Australia, and more.

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We insist 100% manufactured in Taiwan and here one out of three cold roll forming machines is offered from us. Once you purchase an equipment from Yunsing, it will be covered by a complete supply chains, whatever mechanical parts, hydraulic system and control program, we cooperate with local partner to guarantee a long-term partnership with client.