Specialized in Automatic Cold Roll Forming Machines and Products

Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in June 1972. Holding“adhering to excellent quality and enhanced reliability to create outstanding customer satisfaction”as our philosophy. We have over 47 years of experience in manufacturing cold roll forming machines, with durable performance and reliable after-sales service. We offering variety of customized machines, including Roofing & Wall Cladding, Corrugated with Flying Shear, Stepped Tile, Ridge Capping, Floor Decking, C/Z-Purlin, Stud & Truss, Roller Door & Shutters, Slitting & Shearing Line

Business in More Than 60 Countries

Yunsing not just offering machinery, but focus on support client to customize new profile and realize innovative solution. 1970s ~ 1990s, become a reliable manufacturer in local market and South-East Asia. 1990s ~ 2000s, business developed to Mid-East, Central & South America. 2000s ~ 2010s, penetrated the market in Australia, New Zealand, East & South Africa. 2010s ~ 2020s, cooperate with the market leader in USA, Canada, Mexico. Our Show Case:https://www.yun-sing.com/showcase


Made in Taiwan
We insist 100% manufactured in Taiwan and here one out of three cold roll forming machines is offered from us. Once you purchase an equipment from Yunsing, it will be covered by a complete supply chains, whatever mechanical parts, hydraulic system and control program, we cooperate with local partner to guarantee a long-term partnership with client.

Technical Support
One year warranty just basic, reduce downtime loss is the first. Yunsing promise to respond in 24hr for technical support, not only E-mail and phone call, we provide customer immediate online support by Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Facetime, Zoom....etc, Furthermore, we always pleasure to dispatch our engineers for equipment commissioning, operator training and any urgent troubleshooting.


Established in1972

Capital:USD $2,500,000

Annual Sales:USD $5,000,000 to $10,000,000

No. of Employee:80

Production Capacity:50 - 80

Business Type:OEM Manufacturer & ODM Manufacturer

Markets More than 60 countries, covering the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, U.K., Spain, Africa, Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, and so on.



GM:Mr. Henry Tsai

Sales Contact:Mr. Channel Chen

Address:No. 472, Yen Ping N. Rd., Sec. 6 Taipei, 111 Taiwan

Tel:+886-2-28120007 / +886-2-28120008





Yungle Industrial Co., Ltd. Yungle Industrial Co., Ltd. is the major technical center specializing in the design of cold roll forming machines, at the same time devoted itself to the research and development of ever better forming techniques.



Address:No. 9, Wen Hwa Rd., Hsinchu Industrial Park, Hukou Township, Hsin Chu County 303, Taiwan

Tel:+886-3-5981319 / +886-3-5981310




Innovation for change & Effort for recognition With its mission to pursue a business of integrity and to achieve sustainable development, Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded Four decades ago and is determined in sustainable management. Through its tireless efforts, the company's reputation and state-of-the-art technology has been gradually and profoundly built and strengthened. With the goal to become a client-oriented business, Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. and its branches share the same determination and are devoted to providing professional and outstanding services. In the coming future, we will improve the quality of our machine with modernized high-tech hydraulic systems. We always have great confidence that Yunsing’s full automation is the world’s lead.


1972 Establishment of Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

1980 Establishment of Yunle Industrial Co., Ltd. and Yunle Plant I

1982 Sales market expended to South East Asia

1988 Sales market expended to Japan

1991 Sales market expended to Mid Asia

1994 Cold Roll Forming Machine

1996 Capital of $USD 4,000,000 collected for/and the establishment of Singfong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China

1997 Sales market expended to Middle East

1999 Sales market expended to America

2000 Capital of $USD 4,000,000 collected for/and the establishment of Xiamen Gissan Metal Industry Co., Ltd., China

2002 Establishment of Shanghai Yunxin Machine Co., Ltd. Shanghai,China.

2008 Ship out over 100 machines to Africa.

2012 Sales market expended to Russia.

2018 Establishment Plant III in New Taipei City.