PU Sandwich Panel Rubber Conveyor Press Table YS-850
PU Sandwich Panel Rubber Conveyor Press Table YS-850
PU Sandwich Panel Rubber Conveyor Press Table YS-850
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PU Sandwich Panel Rubber Conveyor Press Table

YS-850 is designed for manufacturing high quality PU sandwich panel injection line. This machine contains our experiences in 40 years and many times improvements by our engineers.

In our services, we support the equipment and profiles that customers really need, including our most sincere recommends.

Our roll forming machines are driven by chain in hydraulic system. Chain Drive System can save the power compare with other systems. That also means that customers do not need to pay the extra power fee during production of steel panel.

We established the new website support ONLINE VIDEO. Click here to get into our Video Room:YS-850.

  1. Equipment installation data:
    Machine size: 34,000 mm(L) x 1,200 mm(W) x 1,600 mm(H)
    Machine weight: 22,000 kgs approx
  2. Foaming thickness: 3 inches Max.
  3. Foaming effective cover width: 1015 mm
  4. Electric control is using inverter for synchronize control
  5. Foaming density: 25 - 35 kgs /m³
  6. Forming speed 4 ~8 m/min. The speed rate by variable control
  7. The best rubber belt conveyer temperature around 50°C to 60°C
  8. The best working temperature for steel sheet is about 60°C
  9. Machine power analysis:
    1. PU foam injection machine: 11 KW approx
    2. Rubber belt conveyer: 11.25 KW
    3. Steel sheet pre-heat device: 12 KW
    4. Rubber belt conveyer pre-heat device: 24 kW
    5. Sandwich panel cutting system: 3 KW
  • Professional designer for manufacturing PU sandwich panel.
  • Automatically continually manufacturing high quality products with PLC.
  • Easy operation : Directly input the producing conditions on the touch screen.
  • Customization : Customers decide the profile of products.
  • Saving time and cost owing to high speed running with hydraulic system.
  • One year warranty.
  • SGS ; CE
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: one set
  • Reference Price: based on each profile
  • Branded Product
  • FOB: Any port in Taiwan