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Roof Curving Machine
Product Description

Curving Machine as a smart equipment of roofing manufacturing, Yunsing combines Servo System and Cam system, automatic feeding production with quick-change mould which available for different roofing profile.

YS-800A serious including curving machine for customized roofing / corrugate profile, available for Coated Coil (PPGI/PPGL), Galvanized Coil (GI/GL).
Video Room:YS-800A .

Product Introduction
  • Thickness of material : 0.3 mm ~ 0.5 mm
  • Curving Speed : 70 times/min
  • Pitch of curving : 25mm~9999mm (Servo Feeding)
  • Pitch of curving : 25mm~55mm (Mechanical Feeding)
  • Hard chrome curving mould.
  • Customized profile and suggestions.
  • Quick mould change system.
  • Full safety protection with cover guard, emergency switches, mistake proofing program.