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Auto-Stacker as an efficient handling solution, with pneumatic driving to drop down each sheet avoid scratches. Yunsing provides customer one stacker (6M) or two stacker (12M) to match all our Roofing, Double Roofing, Tile, Decking, Roller Door machines.

One Auto-Stacker (6m) with two carts (3m), each has 2 tons capacity, profile width 600mm~1200mm, available for Coated Sheet (PPGI/PPGL), Galvanized Sheet (GI/GL).
Video Room: Auto-Stacker .

Product Introduction
  • Stacker length:6m
  • Available profile width:600mm~1200 mm.
  • Stacker cart length:3m
  • Stacker cart capacity:2 tons max.
  • Pneumatic driving system.
  • Customized profile and suggestions.
  • Cooperate with Scissors-Stacker.
  • Full safety protection with cover guard.