Angle Steel Panel Roll Forming Machine YS-500
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Angle Steel Panel Roll Forming Machine

YS-500 is designed for manufacturing high quality Angle Steel Panel Cold roll forming machine with Punching Hole Device. This machine contains our experiences in 40 years and many times improvements by our engineers.

In our services, we support the equipment and profiles that customers really need, including our most sincere recommends.

Our roll forming machines are driven by chain in hydraulic system. Chain Drive System can save the power compare with other systems. That also means that customers do not need to pay the extra power fee during production of steel panel.

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  • Part A. Slotted Angle Cold roll forming machine
    • Machine size: 4.50m(L)x1.00m(W)x1.15m(H) – Approx.
    • Thickness of forming sheet: 3.2 mm Max.
    • Forming speed: 12~16 m/min.
    • Roll shaft dia: 70 mm in S45C - precision polishing & high frequency.
    • Roll stands: 10 sets of roll in SUJ2 - surface heat treatment.
    • Complete with one set of hydraulic cutting devive.
    • Main motor: 20 HP hydraulic motor
    • Driven type: Use chain drive
    • Attached with tachometer & encoder for length counting.
    • Attached with 4 meters roll type run-out table
    • Control box: All push button, switches, pilot lamps, and emergency stop switch etc.
  • Part B. Uncoiler: Reel type
    • Machine size (Approx): 1.10m(L)x0.80m(W)x1.30m(H)
    • Machine weight (Approx.): 350 kgw
    • Coil stock Inner dia: 350 mm to 508 mm
    • Coil stock Outer dia: 1300 mm
    • Coil width: 80 mm ~ 300 mm
    • Loading capacity: 2000 kgs max.
  • Part C. Leveller, Feeder & Press:
    • Attached with one set of leveler
    • Attached with one set of NC Roll feeder for servo control system.
    • One set of 80 Tons press manufactures by SEYI
  • Part D. Slotted angle punching hole mould:
    • One set of punching hole moud for size: 40x40 mm
    • One set of punching hole moud for size: 40x60 mm
    • One set of punching hole moud for size: 40x80 mm
  • Above machine specifications are for the regular type and for reference only.
  • Professional designing for manufactures slotted angle
  • Automatically continually manufactures high quality product with PLC.
  • Easy operation : Directly Input the data on the touchable screen.
  • Customers decide the profile of products.
  • Saving time and cost owing to high speed running with hydraulic system.
  • One year warranty.
  • SGS ; CE
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: one set
  • Branded Product
  • FOB: Any port in Taiwan